WAPO Editor Says AR-15, Designed in Mid-1950s, Was Invented for Nazis

Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher tweeted on Thursday that the AR-15 rifle was “invented for Nazi infantrymen.”

The whole tweet says: “Invented for Nazi infantrymen, further developed by the US military, the AR-15 was the Texas school shooter’s weapon of choice….”

Fisher’s declare in regards to the gun being designed is stunning, to say the least, because the AR-15 was not even designed till the mid-Nineteen Fifties, ten years after Japan and the Nazis had fallen to the U.S. and her allies.

Moreover, AR-15s didn’t see manufacturing till Armalite produced the Armalite Rifle, the abbreviation of which is “AR.” (The AR in AR-15 doesn’t stand for “assault rifle”  however for Armalite Rifle.)

The Armalite Rifle was bought to Colt, which started producing the rifle in a full auto model referred to as the M-16. That rifle was despatched to Vietnam for U.S. troops to make use of in struggle.

The semiautomatic model of the rifle, which fires one bullet per set off pull, retained the AR-15 nomenclature and continues to take action even at this time.

Back to Fisher’s declare that the AR-15 was “invented for Nazi infrantrymen.”

He could have mentioned this due to his February 15, 2018, Washington Post article, which says, “The AR-15…is a descendant of the machine guns Nazi infantrymen used against Soviet forces in World War II.”

Odds are, Fisher is considering extra in regards to the Sturmgewehr 44 (STG 44) than the AR-15, maybe even conflating the 2. The STG 44 was designed in 1938, almost 20 years earlier than the AR-15, and was utilized by Nazis from 1943 until the tip of World War II.

The STG-44 was not an AR-15 and neither the AR-15 nor the M-16 had been STG-44s.

The Nazi infantry was not round when the AR-15 was designed.

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