Victorian Department of Health warns against picking and consuming wild fungi, as poisonous Death Cap and Yellow-staining mushrooms are found in the regions | The Courier

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The Victorian well being division has issued a warning this month in opposition to consuming wild mushrooms, together with demise cap and yellow-staining mushroom varieties, which have been discovered within the areas. Australian Wild Mushrooms picker Richard Ford, who has been foraging for 30 years, mentioned “you don’t get two chances” in terms of choosing the flawed mushroom. “The idea of randomly trying them like a lot of people are doing these days is absolutely stupid, plus you can kill someone else, you can kill yourself,” he mentioned. “People have lost any common sense when it comes to how to gather food because we don’t do it – you don’t shove any berry in your mouth and you don’t shove any old mushroom in your mouth.” Death Cap mushrooms develop beneath oak timber, ranging in color from pale yellow-green to olive brown with ridges on the underside of the cap are white. Consuming a single Death Cap could be deadly, with signs together with abdomen pains, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and liver injury. The Yellow-staining Mushroom grows in giant patches on lawns and gardens and appears much like edible Field mushrooms. These mushrooms are the reason for most poisonings as a result of ingestion of untamed fungi in Victoria, and the severity of the signs – nausea, abdomen cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting – various with the quantity eaten. Mr Ford mentioned within the final decade curiosity in foraging has grown in Australia. “When I started it was basically the only people that were doing any foraging were Europeans that had come over … foraging wild mushrooms in the rest of the world is huge so they brought a tradition of doing it with them, but Australians adopted this, ‘they’re all toadstools attitude, they’re all poisonous’,” he mentioned. “We really didn’t have any mushroom knowledge, we got rid of Indigenous people before we asked them about the mushrooms so still to this day it’s a fairly blank slate in this country, but in last 10 years everybody wants to forage.” The official well being recommendation listed on the Department of Health web site states, “unless you are an expert, do not pick and eat wild mushrooms in Victoria”. Mr Ford echoed this, and mentioned if folks did determine to forage, in depth analysis was required. “If you’re going to pick your own mushrooms, you need to learn in some way so you can be certain what mushroom you are picking and eating, and I do mean certain, I always tell people 110 per cent,” he mentioned. “You got to be able to feed it to your kid, your grandmother … there are no golden rules, there’s no single test that will tell you whether a mushroom is poisonous or safe to eat, so you actually have to learn each mushroom at a time safely.” People ought to urgently attend an emergency division in the event that they imagine they’ve eaten a toxic mushroom and will take any remaining mushroom with them for identification. If you’re seeing this message you’re a loyal digital subscriber to The Courier, as we made this story out there solely to subscribers. Thank you very a lot to your assist and permitting us to proceed telling Ballarat’s story. We admire your assist of journalism in our nice metropolis.


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