the fighting spirit of George Kambosos jnr

There’s an fascinating argument that does the rounds in sporting circles, successfully utilizing soccer to discover an historical debate: nature versus nurture.

In the nook for nature sits Lionel Messi, the genius Argentinian playmaker, born with athletic items that appear totally unlearnable. In the nurture column is Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese striker famend for physique and method constructed upon indefatigable work.

Both gamers have reputable claims to being the most effective on this planet, and that’s the entire level of the dialogue: there’s multiple method to be a champion.

Sydney-born boxer George Kambosos jnr toiled in obscurity for years earlier than turning into the light-weight champion of the world in November, and his father, Jim Kambosos, makes no mistake in regards to the supply of that success.

“He was born with this mental toughness – I call it the sixth sense in George,” he says. “But he was never skilled. He never had anything special about him – where you see a lot of young kids and you think, ‘Wow, this kid’s amazing.’ It was just the hard work. You couldn’t break him, no matter what age.”


Kambosos was talking on the newest episode of Good Weekend Talks, about what it’s wish to handle the profession of his champion son, and to be the daddy of a fighter. And internet hosting the dialogue is The Sydney Morning Herald chief sports activities author Andrew Webster, the creator of our cowl story this week, “Lord of the ring”.

“I’ve been covering sport for 25 or more years, across a lot of different sports. And I spent some time there, down at George’s gym in [the southern Sydney suburb of] Mortdale,” says Webster. “I have to say, I’ve never seen an athlete do that much work, at that level, and that capacity, in one day, over and over and over again.”

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