Megan Fox Says She and Fiancé Machine Gun Kelly Drink Each Other’s Blood

Actress Megan Fox disclosed that she and her fiancé rapper Machine Gun Kelly — whose actual identify is Colson Baker — drink one another’s blood “on occasion for ritual purposes.”

“I guess ‘drank each other’s blood’ might mislead people — or people are imaging us with goblets and we’re, like, Game of Thrones drinking each other’s blood,” Fox stated after being requested by Glamour if it’s true that she and Machine Gun Kelly drank one another’s blood after he proposed to her. “It’s just a few drops, but yes, we do consume each other’s blood on occasion for ritual purposes only,” the Transformers actress clarified.

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“It is used for a reason, and it is controlled where it’s, like, ‘let’s shed a few drops of blood and each drink it,’” Fox stated. “He’s much more haphazard and hectic and chaotic, where he’s willing to just, like, cut his chest open with broken glass and be, like, ‘Take my soul, let me bleed on you.’”

“It doesn’t not happen, let me tell you, maybe not exactly like that, but a version of that has happened, and many times,” the actress added.

At one other level in her interview with Glamour, Fox talked about that her younger son wears attire, and that she had turned to books “written by transgender children” in an try to know what was occurring.

“Noah started wearing dresses when Noah was about two,” Fox defined. “I bought a bunch of books that sort of addressed these things. It addressed a full spectrum of, like, what this is, and some of the book are written by transgender children.”

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Fox additionally teared up whereas speaking about how she “can’t protect [her children] forever.”

“I can’t control the way other people react to my children,” she stated. “I can’t control the things that other children that they go to school with have been taught and then repeat to them.”

“I send my kids to a school where the other parents are similar in their beliefs, so the kids aren’t — Noah is nine — and the other kids aren’t really on the internet the same way that, like, most kids are,” the actress defined. “So they know that their parents are famous, but they’re knowledge of it is very limited.”

“I knew that when they were very young I wanted to try to protect them however I could, and a lot of that had to do with limiting their exposure to the internet,” Fox stated. “So far we’ve done a really good job, and maintained their innocence in a lot of ways, but I know I can’t protect them forever.”

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