Lisa Wilkinson slammed by Tim Bailey over Logies speech fallout

A former on-air colleague of Lisa Wilkinson publicly called for her to “pull her head in” over Sunday’s controversial Logies speech.

Former Ten weatherman Tim Bailey publicly slammed The Project star Lisa Wilkinson in a since-deleted tweet, demanding the veteran journalist “pull (her) head in” after her disastrous Sunday Logies speech.

Wilkinson won the Logie for Most Outstanding News Coverage or Public Affairs Report at Sunday’s Logie Awards for her reporting on the Brittany Higgins case.

She was given warning about the contents of the speech just days before she accepted an award for her coverage of the young woman’s sexual assault allegations.

ACT Chief Justice Lucy McCallum vacated the trial dates of Bruce Lehrmann, who has pleaded not guilty to a charge of raping Higgins in March 2019, after his defence team requested a temporary stay in the wake of the speech and surrounding publicity.

Justice McCallum said she was left with no other options: “Unfortunately, however, the recent publicity (of the speech) does, in my view, change the landscape,’’ she said.

In an extraordinary deleted tweet first published by the Daily Mail, longtime 10 weatherman Bailey addressed Wilkinson directly: “Hey Lisa, pull ya head in,” he wrote.

“I know this might be difficult, because it is a very big head. But please try.”

He hashtagged the post “#LisaWilkinson”, “#Logies2022” and, in what may point to earlier tensions towards Wilkinson when he was employed at 10, “#carparkthief.”

Bailey has spoken out against his former network in the past, after being let go as part of a 2020 corporate restructure that saw many high-profile on-air personalities axed from screens.

He later called his axing “a knife through the back and through the heart”.

“It was brutal and I was very, very, sad,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sevens Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr expressed shock on-air this morning that the contents of Wilkinson’s Logies speech may not have been vetted by legal representatives.

“You know, we have our own lawyers, we often consult them before we put a story to air,” she said.

It comes as Wilkinson’s husband, author Peter FitzSimons, was yesterday dragged into the saga. His role in scoring Higgins a role in securing a lucrative book deal could be explored at her sexual assault trial. It was revealed in court on Tuesday that FitzSimons had been subpoenaed.

In that same hearing, Justice Lucy McCallum said Wilkinon’s Logies speech had “completely obliterated” the distinction between an allegation and a finding of guilt in the case.

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