How Emotionally Intelligent People Use the 24-Hour Rule to Maximize Success and Overcome Failure

You chased one thing. Hard. An enabling buyer. A main contract. A seemingly not possible gross sales goal. When all that effort and time pays off, you have fun.

But the “celebration” lasts too lengthy, and for some purpose you are not practically as enthusiastic about what comes subsequent. Servicing the client. Fulfilling the contract. Building the infrastructure to assist speedy development. Basking in a previous achievement is much more enjoyable than embracing the effort and time required to perform no matter comes subsequent. 

That’s occurred to me. I used to be so tickled to signal a e-book take care of a serious writer that it took me longer than it ought to to truly begin writing the e-book. I’ve been so thrilled to land sure talking gigs that it typically took me longer than it ought to to start out making ready to truly ship these keynotes.

Or the other occurs. You lose a serious buyer. You lose a bid. You do not get accepted to grad faculty. You fail, and the sensation lingers — and as a substitute of being a setback, involves no less than partly outline you. 

That’s occurred to me, too.

We all know the individual on the workplace that hangs on to the previous. They remind of us of the mission they labored on 10 years in the past that was successful. Or they let a brief defeat flip right into a everlasting one. They are anchored to the previous and it prevents them from seeing the longer term.

The 24-Hour Rule

Parrish calls it the 24-hour rule. Something nice occurs right this moment? Feel the enjoyment. Bask within the glow. Celebrate. Something horrible occurs right this moment? Feel the ache. Experience the remorse. Stew.

Tomorrow? Put these emotions away; it is a new day. A day to leverage successful, lengthen a chance, or consolidate a achieve. Or, a day to take the primary steps to beat a failure, start to rebuild after a collapse, or simply begin the (heck) over. 

Because can by no means management every little thing that occurs, both due to or to you.

But you possibly can at all times management the way you reply.

The key’s to expertise and absolutely embrace your feelings… and likewise to refuse to permit these feelings to manage your actions in a unfavorable or dangerous approach.

You get to decide on — as a result of it’s a alternative — the type of individual you want to be, after which, it doesn’t matter what occurs right this moment, to be that type of individual tomorrow.

And the proper method to begin is by embracing the 24-hour rule. 

Celebrate right this moment. Grieve right this moment.

The subsequent day, put these emotions away. Decide to make that day as productive and fulfilling as it will probably presumably be.

Because that is one other alternative — and it’s a alternative — you get to make.

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