Bill to End Disney Autonomy a Rejection of ‘Woke Garbage in Our Society’

Friday on FNC’s ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) discussed his state government’s resolution to eradicate Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District, which gave the multinational company the flexibility to self-govern.

The Florida Republican governor mentioned the repeal of the powers got here as a response to his constituents rejecting “woke garbage in our society.”

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: But listed here are the brand new guidelines. If you want to an enormous publicly held company to pay its taxes, then you definately’re a toddler rapist. Obviously, you’re a racist. You’re like Putin, which suggests you’re a fascist.

But what else you’re? According to Joy Reid, you’re a communist. Ron DeSantis is — quote — “taking us back to the Soviet Union.”

You’re a communist if you need the corporate to pay its taxes.

Now, Joy Reid went to Harvard, so we’re not going to disagree together with her. But we did really feel an ethical obligation to examine that reality, as a result of it’s a heavy declare.

So, becoming a member of us tonight to verify or deny these expenses is comrade Ron DeSantis, who can be the governor of Florida.

Governor, thanks a lot for approaching tonight.

So, I can’t inform whether or not you’re a racist, a communist, a fascist for wanting an enormous publicly held company to pay its taxes. How would you describe your self?

GOV. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): Well, it’s fascinating, Tucker, not solely pay taxes.

I imply, this firm had a deal in contrast to any firm or any particular person in the entire state of Florida and doubtless wherever within the United States. They had been self-governing. They had extraordinary powers. They may construct nuclear energy vegetation. They didn’t should undergo allowing processes, clearly, a whole lot of tax advantages.

And in order that’s simply inappropriate. And it’s definitely inappropriate once you look, as you, I believe, did a fantastic job mentioning, they pledged themselves to mobilize their appreciable company sources out of the coffers of this Burbank, California-based company to overturn the rights of fogeys within the state of Florida, and successfully commandeer our democratic course of.

And in order that clearly is one thing that we very a lot objected to. And then you definately even have these movies that you just confirmed the place you might have all these higher-ups in Disney speaking about the way it was their intent to inject sexuality within the programming that goes to younger youngsters.

I bought a 5-year-old, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old at dwelling, Tucker. I need them to have the ability to watch cartoons with out having these things jammed down their throats. And so it was applicable to have completed this initially, three years in the past, no matter. But it’s definitely applicable to make them stay beneath the identical legal guidelines as everyone else within the state of Florida.

CARLSON: Well, sure.

And it’s slightly bizarre coming from individuals who commit their programming to defending — quote — “democracy.” So, you might have been elected by the voters of Florida. You’re standing for election very quickly in November, and we are going to see the way you do.

But you’re a product of democracy. Bob Chapek and Bob Iger had been elected by no one. So why wouldn’t democracy defenders be on the facet of the legislative course of over company fiat?

DESANTIS: Because I believe what the left has come to is, all they wish to see is energy exercised prematurely of their leftist agenda.

So, sure, they was once hostile to massive companies, as a result of I believe they perceived these companies as being apolitical and that they wouldn’t assist their agenda. Now they discovered that they’ll attempt to subcontract out their leftism to a few of these massive companies.

CARLSON: That’s proper.

DESANTIS: And a number of the executives will cave to the woke mob. And then they may principally do the left’s soiled work.

Tucker, they’re not going to win elections in Florida in the event that they’re really operating on injecting transgender ideology into second-grade lecture rooms. And they know that. So their hope was getting Disney concerned in that may by some means get me to again down from signing the invoice.

Well, that was a foul judgment of their half, as a result of, after all, we weren’t going to again down an inch.

CARLSON: It’s slightly bizarre, as a result of there are a bunch of Republican governors within the nation.

You’re really the Republican governor that sits over one of the vital evenly divided states. It’s a Republican state, however simply barely. Overwhelmingly Republican states within the West, like Utah, their governors have completed nothing like this. They haven’t fought again in any respect. Why is that, do you suppose?

DESANTIS: You know, I don’t know, Tucker.

I imply, I believe the way in which I view it’s, is, you might have the media class, you might have form of the Twitter class, you might have a few of these individuals, and that’s a distorted view of actuality.


DESANTIS: And you really want to speak to individuals who aren’t at all times on these retailers and hearken to what they should say.

And I can inform you, they don’t need this woke rubbish in our society. They don’t need ladies to be denied the chance to take part in sports activities. They don’t wish to see their youngsters go to kindergarten and have these things jammed down their throats.

And so, I simply stand with the individuals. I stand in opposition to a whole lot of media and a whole lot of massive companies. But, on the finish of the day, I believe we now have the information and the energy in numbers on our facet.

CARLSON: Yes, I believe you’re precisely proper.

Thank you. It was nice to see you tonight, Governor DeSantis of Florida.

DESANTIS: Thank you.

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